Can you find a stranger on Facebook with a photo?

Can you find a stranger on Facebook with a photo? 

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Can you find a stranger on Facebook with a photo?

     After a successful experiment in the VK Russian network to locate users with images, those responsible for the social network say they will not be able to play in it.

     Egor Tsvetkov is a young Russian artist who photographed for months to strangers on the subway. Using a specialized track users’ faces social network VK, one of the most important in Russia, he managed to find profiles of some of the people in the photos he had taken finder. The title sums up the experiment the conclusion reached by the author: Your face is the big data (your face is the big data).

     Spreading the news about this project in media around the world had an unexpected effect: members of a Russian forum were inspired by the technique used by the artist to use it with a much more perverse purpose: they crossed pictures of actresses porn film with profiles on social network VK to discover the true identity of these women and, what is worse, spread the information.

     This event puts us on the track of how face recognition linked to access to large databases of open social networking new ways to practice doxing, which is nothing to investigate someone through the Internet to spread information about that person.

     Is it possible through a photo locate someone’s account on Facebook? Company sources in Spain have told El Pais that application developers do not have access to the huge database of images that host their servers. So the experiment conducted in the Russian social network could not be repeated in Facebook.

     In fact, the US company has also taken out of circulation applications trying collating the faces captured with the camera of the mobile with your database. Klik is the case, an application that was able to identify our contacts in any picture if given access to them. Facebook bought the company and the app today no longer has that role.

     The closest thing that exists in locating strangers with whom we meet is the application of happn appointments. When installing asks permission to access our Facebook account and show part of our profile. If we also give you permission to know where we can connect with others who use the application and contact them when they pass near us.

     The database giant Facebook, with images of 1.650 million users, is complemented by a powerful face recognition system. In fact, the technology that Facebook uses to automatically know who appears in a photo and label it is quite advanced, since, according to the company, its hit rate of 97.35%.

     Although automatic face recognition to be labeled in the pictures may be disabled, this function has raised some controversy and Facebook had to provide in their day information about their technology to European authorities. The latest technological leap of the social network in this field is the recognition of faces in videos using artificial intelligence.

     The Spanish company Emotion Research Labs has a system that allows to know the emotions of someone from the analysis of his face. Alicia Mora, executive director of the company, explained to El Pais in a telephone conversation that “facial recognition technology is well advanced. Except know when someone’s age. Although it is possible to know the sex of the person or his emotions. “

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