10 Awesome experiments you have to see!

10 Awesome experiments you have to see!


     Look at these 10 incredible scientific experiments you can do at home. The materials needed are easy to get. We recommend doing these experiments with adult supervision and appropriate safety measures.


experiments with safety measures
experiments with safety measures

     An experiment is a procedure by which it is checked (confirm or verify) one or more related to a particular phenomenon, by manipulating and studying the correlations of the variables that are presumably the cause hypothesis.

     Experimentation is one of the key elements of scientific research and is critical to providing causal explanations.

     In one experiment they are considered all relevant variables involved in the phenomenon, by manipulating which are presumably the cause, control of extraneous variables and randomization (or randomization) of the others. These procedures can vary greatly disciplines (not just in physics in psychology, for example), but the same objective: to exclude alternative explanations (other than the manipulated variable) in explaining the results. This aspect is known as internal validity of the experiment, which increases when the experiment is replicated by other researchers and the same results. Each repetition of the experiment is called test or trial.

     The different ways of performing an experiment (in terms of distribution of experimental units in conditions or groups) are known as research protocol.

Even the smallest perform rudimentary experiments to learn about the world around them.

     Through play and manipulation, and sometimes with minimal guidance, children also experience and draw conclusions.

     By the way, experimentation is not the exclusive domain of science, because on a personal level and from childhood, we live constantly experimenting confirming or verifying hypotheses, in order to be able to improve our relationship with the world around us.

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