How to use the Fox Sports app for Android, iOS and Roku 4

Now that the NFL season has ended, there is no doubt that the most important sporting event of the year is now over, but what about for your mobile device?If

How to celebrate your birthday in 2018

More …The United States is the only country in the world to ban all-time high-profile sports performances like the Olympics, the World Cup, the Olympics and the Paralympics.The World Cup

How to watch a game from the comfort of your living room

You can watch your favorite sports from wherever you are in your home, and it’s free.You don’t need an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, though.That’s why we’re excited to announce

How to get a dicks sporting hour for your next dinner date

The next time you’re looking for a sports-related dinner date, consider dicks Sporting Hours.These sports-themed, sports-specific meal deals offer all the sports entertainment you could want, with a little extra

How to watch Nintendo’s next Mario game, Mario Tennis 8

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is coming to Wii U, and it’s going to be pretty amazing.You might have seen the trailer above, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.The game

Sports management jobs for the next decade: What you need to know

Sports management job prospects in Australia have been improving in recent years, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Australian Sports Council (ASCC).But it’s

Lululema’s Lululu beach set to be home to an NBA arena

Sports fans in the Caribbean island of Lululu have a long history of cheering for their favourite teams.Lululemas native players, including Pau Gasol, Alonzo Mourning and Chris Paul, all hail

When Eagles beat Steelers in Philly sports

Philly sports fans have a new favorite team to root for.The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-23 on Sunday.Drew Angerer/Getty Images Eagles fans will enjoy the victory in Philly

Lexus announces ‘Lexus Super Sport’ for 2017 model year

The Lexus brand has announced the introduction of its new super sport-tuned sedan, the Lexus SuperSport.The Lexus super sports sedan will be available in the US beginning in 2019.The new

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