WHO and Brazil reject the request for one hundred fifty scientists to delay the Games by the zika

WHO and Brazil reject the request for one hundred fifty scientists to delay the Games by the zika

Health authorities take into account that no public health principle to justify suspending or relocating competitions


The World Health Organization (WHO) and therefore the Brazilian authorities believe that the enlargement of the Zika virus in Brazil doesn’t justify the delay of the urban center athletics, that begin on August four. Nor relocation. “There is not any public health reasons” to try to to therefore, United Nations agency says in response to the missive from over one hundred fifty scientists United Nations agency claim remit or move to a different place thanks to virus competitions, related to serious medicine issues. world sports figures have conjointly expressed concern concerning the zika.

WHO, that all over its annual meeting yesterday in Geneva, wherever it’s based mostly, he believes cancel or amendment the placement of the Olympic Games “did not considerably alter” the international unfold of zika. Brazil says this world organisation, is simply one amongst nearly sixty countries and territories wherever there are native cases zika that primarily transmits the dipteran Aedes aegypti. “People ar still traveling between these countries and territories for variety of reasons, the simplest thanks to scale back the danger of sickness is to follow the recommendations of public health,” United Nations agency same in an exceedingly statement.

Zika virus, that there’s no immunizing agent or treatment, symptoms sometimes produces fever, malaise, pain, skin rashes in some cases. However, it’s conjointly related to microcephalus cases of babies of infected mothers and alternative serious medicine issues like infectious polyneuritis. This association was exactly what light-emitting diode the United Nations agency to declare a world health alert last Gregorian calendar month, tho’ even then dominated advocate that the Games ought to be postponed.

What if United Nations agency recommends that pregnant isn’t to visit the areas full of the virus. One recommendation recalled yesterday in an exceedingly statement the agency and conjointly build America and European health authorities.

WHO conjointly advises foreigners traveling to the State of urban center, wherever are reportable virtually twenty six,000 suspected cases of infection which concentrates the best incidence of the virus, that stop poor and overcrowded urban areas while not potable or lack of basic sanitation . conjointly to apply sexual activity they need been detected cases of HIV transmission through sexual activity.

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