Honda unveils ‘S’ model with four-wheel drive, electric, all-wheel-drive system

The Honda S model is now available in Australia with a number of upgrades.

The most noticeable change is the inclusion of four-wheeled drive. 

Honda says the new S has been developed using a new engine technology called Liquid Liquid Electrochemical. 

“The engine has a unique design that allows it to produce significant power even with the least amount of fuel,” Honda said in a statement. 

The engine uses a two-stage liquid electrolysis process, using liquid electrolytes to create the fuel.

This process produces high pressure and high temperature to produce a chemical reaction that results in a chemical fuel.

The engine also features new safety technology called “LIDAR” to detect vehicles in danger.

It works by combining the radar data from two sensors to measure speed and direction of an incoming vehicle, allowing the driver to avoid collision. 

LIDARS are also used by police and military to identify dangerous individuals. 

Another change in the S model, the new Honda Eco, is a six-wheel, six-speed automatic. 

While it’s not available in all markets, Honda says the first 100,000 units will be in the hands of dealers. 

There’s also a new optional equipment package in the Eco, which includes a heated steering wheel, cruise control, and an automatic climate control system. 

It’s the same equipment as the S, but the new equipment is designed for the Eco and the new fuel economy. 

So how much does it cost?

The S comes in three colours: silver, gold, and black.

It costs about $32,500 for the base model, $34,500 after a $1,000 deposit, or $37,500 if you opt for the premium package.

It will cost about $42,500 to get a three-speed manual or $46,000 if you want the two-speed Eco, although there are no plans to offer the new gearbox for the S in Australia. 

In terms of price, Honda is offering the new version at about $3,500 a week, compared to about $6,000 for the regular model.

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