How to get cheap sports cars on the road in 2019

By now you’ve probably heard the news about a new, low-cost sports car from FoxSports North.

You’ve also probably heard about FoxSports’ new $1,500 sports car, the Ford Fusion S, which is the car they unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show.

And now they’re selling a pair of $1.5 million sports cars in North America.

First, a bit of background: The Fusion S is a $1 million sports car.

If you want a sports car that costs more than that, you can find a lot of great deals in Japan, but not all.

There are many, many great sports cars out there, but the Ford model isn’t one of them.

For example, the $1 billion-dollar Porsche 911 Carrera S and the $2.2 million-plus Ferrari F40 are both great cars, but they’re not the cheapest cars around.

The Ford Fusion is a sports coupe that’s a little smaller than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but it has a lot more room for cargo and can be driven on the shoulder, which isn’t as common in other models.

The Fusion S was unveiled in October of last year.

It will go on sale in North American markets in March of 2019.

This is the first time the Fusion S has been on sale here, and it’s not even the cheapest sports car out there.

The F40 has more space, is faster, has more options, and has a much bigger trunk, but Ford is going to try to make the price of the F40 even more affordable.

The F40 starts at $59,000, and Ford is offering the Fusion for $4,400 less than the $65,000 Ford Focus RS.

Ford is selling the Fusion as a one-of-a-kind deal, with no dealer markup, no incentives, and no dealer labor.

The Fusion is also going to be offered in both FWD and AWD trim levels, and is the only Ford sports car with both front and rear drivetrains.

This means you can drive the Fusion without a manual transmission.

If this is a good deal for you, Ford is giving you the option to swap out the transmission with a manual one.

For the F30, Ford says the Fusion will come with an 8.5-liter V8 that produces 310 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque, and will make an electric motor that produces 270 hp and 220 lb-frees of torque.

The car is going for $57,400, and the F-Series is $59.99, while the F35 will go for $64,500.