BMW Sportsters: $7,000 ‘K-9 Sportster’ for sale

K9 Sportsters, the dogs used by former NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas and many other NFL players to protect their equipment and gear, is up for sale in Los Angeles for $7 in cash.

The sale is part of the NFL’s “Dog Day in America” initiative, which aims to raise awareness for the plight of dogs in the U.S.

The dog has a big history in the sport, but its popularity has plummeted in recent years.

It is currently considered by many experts to be one of the worst breeds of dogs, and its breeders and handlers say its adoption rate has plummeted since it was banned in the 1970s.

According to the auction house, the K9 will be used to help with a variety of projects including fundraising and education efforts, and to help vets and animal welfare organizations with animal cruelty cases.

In addition to the K-9, buyers will also get to see the dogs in action in a live auction.

The sports memoramabilia auction house is offering the dog for $1,500, and is accepting bids until November 1, at which point the K2 Sportster will go up for auction.

Auction house spokesman Andrew Karp confirmed the sale to CBS News.

The K9 is not the only animal to have its owners on the block, and the company has also made a few other pets for sale.

The company recently offered a three-pack of K9s for $2,500.

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