Fox Sports chicago hosts a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and gender-nonconforming event

Fox Sports Chicago hosts an LGBT event on Thursday that includes “champions” including “the most prominent and prominent gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes of all time.”

The Fox Sports Chicago LGBT event, which is called “Champions of Pride,” will feature “an array of elite athletes,” according to Fox Sports President and CEO Lachlan Markay.

“They’re going to be there, but it’s not just about being there.

It’s about being part of the community.”

The event will feature athletes like “Dwayne Johnson,” “Lenny Dykstra,” and “Chris Paul,” and other athletes who “will have a personal experience and a unique connection to this event,” according the event description.

The “champion of Pride” will receive a “Bronze” or “Gold” championship medal for their achievements in the event, while other athletes will receive “Bronzes” or the “Sister Gold” award.

Fox Sports describes the event as “the ultimate showcase of the LGBT community.”

A “champagne reception” will be held on the main stage of the venue.

“Celebrate diversity and love,” Fox Sports says.

“Each champion will have a personalized event with the support of their coaches, family, teammates and fans.”

“This is an incredible event for LGBT athletes,” the event’s description says.

Fox also notes that “all attendees will have the opportunity to be part of an inspirational message of love and acceptance.”

The sports network says that “the first-ever event for an LGBT community will include a team-based showcase of athletes from the sports world, the most prominent LGBT athletes, the largest and most diverse LGBTQ community of athletes in the country.”

Fox Sports chimes in on a “gender-non-conforming athlete” who was “the subject of a major scandal” and “who has now been stripped of his championships.”

“As champions of Pride, the team will honor this man, his accomplishments and his role in the LGBT communities movement,” the network says.

Fox Sports also notes the “Champion of Courage” will “attend a dinner with the President and First Lady of the United States.”

“The champion will receive an award from the President of the American Sports Foundation,” the Fox Sports description says, noting that “he will also be honored for his leadership and for his positive impact on the LGBT sports community.”

Fox also points out that “Chad Griffin, a transgender man, will be the first openly transgender player to win an Olympic medal.”

Fox says that the event “will also include a special celebration honoring the lesbian, lesbian and bisexual communities.”

“Fox Sports Chicago will be showcasing the most diverse and powerful LGBT athletes in sports and beyond,” the statement says.

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