‘The Great American Dream’ for a Boston Globe journalist

A Boston Globe reporter has found herself the object of ridicule from a group of Boston natives, and it’s all because of her race.

On Monday, The Boston Globe posted a video to their Facebook page in which the reporter, Allison Miller, discusses how she has become a symbol of American ideals for the Boston area.

“I don’t know where I started, but I think it has to do with a lot of different things,” Miller said.

“I think it’s that American Dream for a lot, I guess you could say, people, to dream and be successful.

And I’m a little bit of a loner.

And so, that’s what has given me that voice and that sense of who I am.”

Miller’s story of coming to Boston and taking on her new position in the city has drawn criticism from many of the Boston natives.

The Boston Herald published a scathing editorial in March, saying the story was “a travesty of journalistic integrity.”

“The Boston Globe has decided to take a pass on the story, and instead will instead devote its next two stories to Miller’s life and life experiences,” the Herald wrote.

“In the past, the Globe has focused on the experiences of minorities.

Today, the paper has opted to focus on the lives of minorities.””

This story is not about diversity,” the editorial continued.

“This story about diversity is about bigotry and white supremacy.

This story is about the way that people from diverse backgrounds are told to feel.”

The Globe responded to the criticism, calling the Herald article a “delusional attempt at racism.”

“We are a diverse and tolerant society, and we will continue to be,” the newspaper wrote in a statement.

“We will continue reporting on all aspects of diversity and welcome and celebrate all of our different races and cultures, including our diverse communities of people of color.”

The Herald added that the Globe will “continue to highlight the many accomplishments of the diverse Boston community, and will never take a side on a story that has no merit.”

In a follow-up statement, the newspaper also expressed regret for the incident and expressed their gratitude to the people who have responded to Miller.

“It was our intent to not let this affect our reporting or our readership, and unfortunately we did not realize that it was so damaging,” the statement read.

“However, we do not regret our decision to publish the story.

We have been working with Boston police, and are working to review our coverage to ensure that the Boston Globe does not repeat this mistake.”

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