When the NFL is no longer an NFL, it’s time to move on to other sports

When the NBA and the NFL were in the midst of a lockout, a couple of things came together to bring some new life to the league.

The lockout also helped spark the rise of a new type of fan, with new types of fans becoming more aware of the sport they love.

That fan base is now in a position to make decisions about what is next for the league and what the next steps are.

For those who don’t remember, the NFL was forced to rebrand from the National Football League to the National Basketball Association in 2009, a decision that was widely unpopular with fans.

Since then, fans have made the NFL more accessible to them by getting rid of all the uniforms and other branding that were part of the old name.

In many ways, the new league and its new branding have been a boon for the NFL.

While the NFL’s ratings were down this season, viewership for the season is up and the league has been able to continue to expand its product in a way that has not been possible for many years.

The league has also been able, as it has in the past, to move away from its trademark logo, the logo that was once synonymous with the NFL and the teams.

If you want to hear more about the NFL, here’s a primer on what the league is doing to try to change.

The New York Jets The New England Patriots have not only survived the lockout but have also moved past the worst-case scenario by being able to get new uniforms in time for the start of the NFL season.

The new uniform designs are all pretty cool.

But it has been a long time since they were worn.

New uniforms are not necessarily going to be the answer, especially when you’re not winning.

What makes the new uniforms interesting is that they are not just for the games.

This is not a league-wide trend, but the Patriots will also be wearing the jerseys of players who will be on the roster in 2017.

This will give fans some idea of what the Patriots are like as a franchise.

The Patriots will wear their first-ever alternate uniforms in Week 1, which will also feature the new jerseys from the team’s 2016 season.

Fans will get to see a glimpse of the new look as well as the old look.

The alternate uniforms will be available at New England’s game on Thursday night, but it’s unclear if the alternate uniforms are available on Sunday, or if they will be released in a different order.

New England Patriots will be wearing their first ever alternate uniforms on Thursday, which features a new look.

Source: NFL.com/NFL, Twitter, @NFLNiners

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