‘Sports betting’ will be banned in Australia, says Premier

In a country where sports betting is legal, Premier Mike Baird has announced that sport betting will be prohibited from the start of the season.

The announcement came after a raft of reports claiming that Australian sports betting operators were colluding with the NRL to rig the results of the A-League.

It comes amid mounting pressure on the AIS to ban betting in its game and follow suit with the Federal Government.

Baird’s announcement is the latest in a series of moves by Premier Mike Penashue to tackle the problem of sports betting in Australia.

“This has been a difficult, difficult time for us all,” he said in a statement.

And the future of this country is a sport.” “

Sport betting will no longer be tolerated in this country.

And the future of this country is a sport.”

It is not the first time that Baird has come under fire for taking tough measures against sports betting.

Earlier this year he said that if there was any form of illegal betting in the Aussie game then it should be banned, after a spate of reports about a possible NRL team-bets.

He later said that the NRL would not participate in the AFL’s new betting scheme.

Baird, who has been Premier for over four years, is facing a critical election on November 4 and the next Premier will need to get his party’s support to win the state.

The Government has also introduced a raft

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