What to know about the new AK47 subaru sports gun

New subaru cars will be a huge hit with sports shooters.

But there’s a new rifle in the works too, with the company calling it the “M&P Sport 2”.

The AK47 rifle is the same as the one you’d find in the M&P pistol, with a 6.5-inch barrel and a full-length gas system, but it comes with a new feature: an integrated scope.

“The M&PS Sport 2 is a rifle that will provide the most reliable performance from a rifle in our lineup, with an easy to operate trigger and a scope that will enable you to see through thick smoke and in dense, foggy environments,” said Ken Hensley, president and CEO of M&Ps Sports, Inc. “We’ve taken the best of the AK47 platform and blended it with a full length gas system for a reliable and effective rifle.”

The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to manufacture the rifle.

The campaign will close on May 15.

So far, more than $1,500 has been raised.

There are also several tiers of rewards, which include a signed copy of the game, a M&PDA, M&PPP, M-15, and other M&PA branded gear.

If you want the rifle but can’t fund it right now, you can still pledge and the company will send out a survey on the Kickstarter page.

The rifle will be available for pre-order by June 15.

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