How to find your perfect bra

“You never want to get too big, but if you’re not comfortable in that size, don’t go in the store,” said Michelle Perna, a fitness blogger.

“Just find a size that fits you.”

Here’s how to find a great, flattering bra for the occasion: Start with the straps.

“If you’re a bigger woman, go with something with a wide waistband,” said Stephanie Osterman, a New York City-based fitness blogger who has worked out with many different types of sports bras.

“The narrow cups don’t stretch very well and you can wear the straps down your arms and hips and you don’t get a lot of movement or support.”

The straps also don’t have to be too high.

“It’s a good idea to start with something a little bit more supportive and then work up to the bigger ones,” said Ostermans partner, Victoria Estrada, who is a physical therapist.

If you need a slightly more rounded shape, opt for the lace-up bra.

“I usually have a lace-ups bra because I’m so curvy,” said Pernas partner, Anna Pernosa, who works in the fitness and wellness business.

“But if you do get to a size where you need something more supportive, try a lace up.”

Find the right fit.

When shopping for bras, the most important thing is to choose the right size, which you can buy online or at a fitness center.

A few tips for finding the perfect fit: “If your boobs are larger than a cup, go for a smaller cup,” said Danielle McElroy, a yoga instructor in California.

“You can see that they’re a bit fuller, and you’ll be able to really stretch your boobs.”

For a better fit, try wearing a bra with a lower band and a bigger cup.

“When I’m doing yoga, I like to wear a size 14 because I can see my breasts are bigger,” said McElroys partner, Nicole, who lives in New York.

“And if I have to go in and buy something bigger, it helps with that.”

If you want a larger cup, a cup that fits well and is comfortable, but it doesn’t stretch too much, go the lace up.

“A lot of times, you don.

The bras that are lace up, you have to put them on and you have no support,” said Estradas partner, Lauren, who’s also a yoga and health coach.

“Sometimes you can feel a little tight and then you’ll feel more comfortable.”

A bra with adjustable straps will help make sure your breasts don’t flare out too much.

“We use adjustable straps to help with that,” said Alyssa Haus, a sports bra and yoga instructor from Los Angeles.

“They let you move around your body and not be too snug, which helps with boobs.”

Find a bra that fits perfectly.

If it’s not a lace, it’s probably not a sports or yoga bra.

If your bra is too tight, you may need to try another size.

“For sports bras, you’ll probably need to go down a size,” said Toni DeSouza, a personal trainer from Florida.

“Wearing a larger size will make it a bit more comfortable, and also make it less stretchy.

You’ll be happy if it fits better.”

Make sure the fit matches your body shape.

“Don’t just wear a bra if you don the right shape,” said DeSomas partner Anna, who also runs a fitness and health coaching business.

If there’s anything that you’re concerned about, it should be a larger bra.

That said, she recommends wearing a cup size that matches your figure.

“This way, if you start to get a bit of a stretchy look, it will be a good thing to wear, not a bad thing,” said Haus.

“Then, if the fit starts to be a little off, you can go up a cup.”

The best part of a sports and yoga bra is that it’s made of supportive material, which is what makes it ideal for everyday wear.

“All of my sports bras are made from a soft, stretchy material,” said Gwen, a blogger and fitness instructor from Ohio.

“There’s a lot less stretch than what you might find in a lot, sports bras.”

And if you find that you don, or your breasts feel a bit tight, it may be a great time to try out a different size.

Check out our slideshow for more tips for the perfect sports bra.

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