How ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘SNL’ could change the NBA’s future

The “SNL” cast has been criticized for its recent lack of talent and its lack of diversity in its lineup.

NBCUniversal CEO Scott Buck said on “NBC Nightly News” that the network is committed to diversity and diversity in programming.

The network will have two more new casts in 2017.

Buck also discussed the upcoming film “The Help,” which has a diverse cast, including a black female lead.

“We’ve done that in a variety of areas with the film, including diversity in the cast and the producers, and that’s going to be a theme in the films, that it is more than just a white male cast,” Buck said.

“It’s a diverse casting team.”

The “Saturday Night Space” cast, which is comprised of Black actors and women, is the only cast on the network that has been black.

The cast has also featured several black actors, including Alana Bloom, who played a woman on the show in its first year.

NBC has yet to officially announce a casting call for the show, which returns to television on January 25.

The comedy also stars Michael Ian Black, who plays an African-American man who becomes a lead in a “Saturday Nights” parody show.

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