Cycling enthusiast who won the 2017 Tour de France on a BMX bike gets job at top sports management company

Cycling enthusiast Ryan Henshaw has been named to work at the sports management jobs at Sports Management International (SMI) – one of the world’s leading sports management companies.

Henshaws bike was used to win the 2017 US Open at St Andrews. 

He was named Sports Management’s Sports Manager of the Year for the past two years.

He said: “Being the bike enthusiast I am I am going to be a bit of a mentor to the new hires as they have no idea what the job entails.”

The work they will be working on is going to range from general management to sport management.

“They will be responsible for all aspects of the sports and lifestyle of our clients.”

I can’t wait to see what this new job does for my clients.” 

Ryan was named to the Sport Management team after winning the US Open 2017 in March. 

His BMX was the winning one.

The 29-year-old, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, has been riding BMX since he was 12 and was a member of the US’s first pro team in 2008. 

Henshaw said:”I was very fortunate to ride in one of our first BMX races and the team was incredible.”

As a kid, BMX is my passion.

I started riding after I got out of college at 14 and now it’s my main form of transportation.”

It’s a sport that’s growing and I can’t imagine what this role will be like.

“Henshaw is a registered member of US Olympic BMX team.

He has also won the national championships twice, including in 2015 and 2017.

Ryan has also been a member for the National Bicycle Hall of Fame, where he is an avid cyclist. 

Being a sport enthusiast and a BMYI is something I have been pursuing for a while.””

I have raced in the Olympics and the Paralympics and competed in the national team and I’ve also won a national championship.”

Being a sport enthusiast and a BMYI is something I have been pursuing for a while.

“My career has been going in a lot of different directions, and I was like, ‘What am I going to do now?

I’ve got to get my BMX licence’.” Ryan Henshall sport management jobs and cycling career Ryan said the position would provide him with a wide range of skills including bike maintenance, bike maintenance and cycling training. 

“It was pretty amazing that I was chosen,” he said.

“It was a great opportunity to be involved in an industry that is changing so rapidly. 

It was an amazing experience, a challenge and an opportunity to work with such a high calibre team. 

I can only say that I am looking forward to doing my part to help these new hires achieve their goals.” 

What can you do? 

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