How does your favorite sport watch compare to other sports watches?

By now you know that the Nike+ Sport watch is the most popular sports watch on the market.

Its popularity is undeniable, but it’s also an expensive watch.

There are some models with very high prices, but most of them are available for under $400.

That makes it a pretty solid choice for anyone looking to spend a little more.

The question is, what other sports watch can you buy for less than $400?

For a quick review of the best sports watches, we have the following to recommend.

We’ll go over each model in turn and see if there are any other sports bands on the list.

Pinnacle SportWatch $400 – This is an entry level sports watch.

It comes with a wide range of functions and features, including motion tracking, GPS and heart rate monitoring, among others.

The Pinnacle Sport Watch is available in white or black.

It has a water resistance rating of 25 meters and a water resistant rating of 50 meters.

It’s also water resistant to IP65, IP67, IP68, IP75 and IP80.

PinnacleSportWatch is available from retailers like B&Q, Best Buy, Amazon,, and B&H.

Lifetime SportWatch – The Lifetime Sport Watch, launched in 2016, has a price tag of $399.

It features a wide selection of functions, including GPS, heart rate tracking, motion tracking and a compass, among other features.

The Lifetimes Sport Watch features a waterproof rating of IP50.

Lifetimes is also water and dust resistant to 70 meters. Lifetime offers an all-in-one sports watch for $399, which includes: a full range of function, a waterproof and dust proof, waterproof water and shock resistant strap, and a GPS sensor. has a lifetime sports watch review that you can find here.

Nike+ Sport Watch (Black) – The Nike+ Sports Watch is an excellent value for its price, and you can buy it on Amazon for $400, which is $100 cheaper than the LifetimesSportWatch review.

It also includes GPS, motion tracker and compass. Nike+ has a detailed review of their SportWatch Sport review here.

It includes reviews of the Lifetime, Lifetime+ and Nike+Lifesport.

ZTE Noggin SportWatch (Black, Silver, Green, Blue) – This sports watch is a good value, but you can’t get it for under that price.

You can buy this sports watch at $499.

The ZTE Noguez Sport Watch has a waterproof resistance of IP60 and is water resistant at 100 meters.

ZTE is available at Amazon and B &H.

It is also available at most of the retail stores that carry it.

Makkad SportWatch(Black, Blue, Red, Green) – For under $500, the Makkad is a great sports watch that offers many functions, especially for sports fans.

It doesn’t have a waterproof capacity of IP80 and is also dust resistant at 70 meters, but that’s not the issue that some of the other sports and fitness watches have.

It uses a non-stretch nylon strap that is water and water resistant. Makkudsports review includes many reviews of their Makkabod sport watch review.

VivoSport SportWatch for Black $499 – The VivoSport is a smartwatch that is a step up from the ZTE Sport Watch.

It provides a wide variety of functions that include motion tracking at a pace of 60Hz, GPS, and heart rates monitoring.

It can be used with Android Wear or Apple Watch and is available for $499 (with free shipping). Vivo sports watch reviews, reviews and reviews of other smartwatches are available here.

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