Why Sochi Olympics won’t be over by Thursday

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

The Sochi Olympics, a year after the first games were held in February, are set to go ahead. 

But it’s unclear how many of the Games’ marquee sporting events will be completed, and what will be left of the venues, including venues used for the Winter Olympics.

In a bid to ensure the Games last for the longest time, the International Olympic Committee is expected to hold a decision-making conference on Wednesday, where IOC president Thomas Bach is expected in charge.

It is believed Bach will announce a timetable for completing the remaining events, including the opening ceremony on Feb. 7, the Closing Ceremonies on Feb 15, and the Closing ceremonies on March 15.

A decision on how many events will actually be completed will likely take about a year.

The IOC has said the Olympics would last until March 2019.

Bach has said that, for the time being, the IOC has no plans to move the games from Sochi.

He told reporters on Thursday that he has no intention of abandoning the Games.

The Games are scheduled to take place in two parts: The opening ceremony and the opening and closing ceremonies.

“The Games are in their own time, but the Games are going to be very, very long, and there will be a lot of events that are going on,” Bach said.

The Games have been in Sochi for more than a year, and Bach is the first IOC president to hold such a decision.

Bach’s team is in talks with the Olympic Committee about how to proceed with the Games, which have been the subject of intense political and media attention.

But Bach is also set to announce on Wednesday that the IOC will hold a meeting on Thursday to decide how to move forward on how to make Sochi a success.

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