How to watch the UEFA Europa League semi-final between Manchester United and Barcelona on Friday night

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

The UEFA Europa league semi-finals have been postponed after Manchester United suffered a 1-1 draw against Barcelona at Old Trafford.

The match was to have been played at 2pm on Friday but was delayed because of a thunderstorm.

The UEFA Champions League semi final will take place at 2.15pm, on the same night as the Champions League final, but will be played at 4pm instead.

The final will be broadcast on Sky Sports on Friday evening, with a special pre-match show on Sky HD.

There is no doubt that the game is going to be a tough one for Manchester United, with their first leg against Barcelona set to be the most competitive one of the season.

United will look to extend their unbeaten run to 10 matches against Barcelona in the league and they have scored five goals in that period, while Barcelona have managed just two goals in the competition so far. 

However, a storm is forecast to develop on Friday and the UEFA Champions league is expected to be cancelled.

The weather in Spain is predicted to be clear and warm, which means that it will be possible for fans to watch from a hotel or hotel accommodation, as opposed to a terrace or public space.

If you can, stay at home and enjoy the atmosphere of the game.

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