Olympic Games: Olympic glasses for sports glasses

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

Olympics medalist Alex Nogales is taking a cue from Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps in getting a pair of Olympic Olympic medal glasses.

“He used to wear them in the Olympics and he said ‘I love the glasses because they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever worn,'” Nogalez, who also won gold in swimming, told USA Today.

“That was like my introduction to sports glasses.”

Nogale is also the owner of the Nogals Sports Glasses, which specialize in Olympic glasses.

Olympic medals, as well as medals in other sports, are available for purchase online through the Nogs.com store.

He also offers the NOGALS Olympic Series Olympic Glasses in both black and white.

Olympic athletes use a special combination of glasses made from polyurethane and polyethylene to help absorb and protect the brain.

The glass is made from a special material called polyethylenimine, which helps the glass absorb shock, and a special rubber compound called polyurea, which is used to protect the eye from damage from drops and drops of water.

A sports helmet is the most common way athletes wear their medals.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in a press release that the Olympics will begin with “a small but significant increase in the number of Olympic medal competitors wearing sports glasses,” and that it expects “increased participation and the availability of Olympic sport glasses” to help keep athletes safe during the competition.

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