Which side of the cricket bat is the best?

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Ahead of the World Cup, the ESPN Cricket panel voted which batsmen were the best in the World Series, which teams they played for and whether they were the team’s leading spinners.

The panel also gave their top 10, with one of the batsmen they chose as the MVP, Adam Gilchrist, getting a vote of nine points and the top five batsmen in the world were left off the list.ESPN cricket commentator Andrew Symonds said he thought Gilchrist was the best batsman in the series.

“The question is who else is going to come out on top?” he said.

“If you have one guy that you feel you can play with, you’re not going to go down the list with anyone else.”

Australia captain Michael Clarke was also voted the best player in the tournament.

“It’s just a huge honor to be included in this group of players and I’m very proud to be a part of this great series,” Clarke said.

He said the batsman he was the favourite to beat would be the one who got a big vote.

“When you’ve played as many Tests and ODIs as he has, you’ll get the same reaction you’ve got with a lot of players.

It’s not about who you are or what you’ve done, it’s about who’s the best of the best and I feel that’s him.”

The panel did not include New Zealand batsman Adam Voges in the vote.

They had a group of top-ten performers in their own right, with the two Australian batsmen, Adam Vogels two and Moeen Ali the top three.

The ESPN panel did list Australia’s second-best batsman, Michael Clarke, as the team captain, despite him only being in the top 10 for the series in the past.

“I think I am the best Australian batsman at the moment and I am in that group.

I think my batting is going well and my bowling is going very well,” Clarke told ESPNcricinfo.”

There’s a lot to be said for having one of your best players on the team.

I just think that I am an absolute beast when I am on the field and that I’ve just got to keep working hard and keep getting better.”ESPN cricket analyst Michael Chappell said he was surprised the panel didn’t include England’s Michael Carberry in the list because he was a great player and had a great run with the England side.”

He’s one of those guys who is not only a great Test batsman but has also been the face of England cricket, which is a very tough group,” Chappel said.

Australia’s Michael Clarke (right) and New Zealand’s Moeen Aneesh (second left) are in the batting group at the end of the series against India.

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