How to avoid getting a virus: How to make sure your home has been wiped clean

July 11, 2021 0 Comments

Hacker News user “Dryer” has compiled a list of precautions you can take to protect your computer against the virus spreading through your home.

The post, which has more than 13,000 likes, also offers tips on how to avoid infecting your computer with the virus.1.

Get a virus scanner2.

Run a clean virus scan3.

Delete all files and data4.

Disable all apps and plug-ins5.

Remove all unnecessary software6.

Check the internet and firewall7.

Avoid using wifi or other Wi-Fi devices8.

Check for updates on your home router9.

Check your computer’s security settings10.

Run the software update software11.

Run your antivirus software12.

Run an antivirus scanner13.

Disable your network network14.

Delete unnecessary files15.

Disable unnecessary software16.

Check to make certain you have all updates installed17.

Check that your computer has all necessary drivers18.

Disable any unnecessary programs19.

Delete any unused files20.

Check all of your USB drives21.

Make sure all your printer drivers are updated22.

Check any new software updates23.

Make a backup of all of the data on your hard drive24.

Remove any unnecessary filesIf you’ve been infected with the malware, you may want to take steps to make it less likely you’ll be infected with it again.

Here are some tips you should follow:1.

Download the virus scanner 2.

Run it, scan and delete any files you don’t need.3.

Check if your computer is in use and if you’ve turned it off.4.

Make an appointment with your doctor to determine if there’s a virus in your home5.

Keep your virus clean by running a virus scan once every couple of days.6.

Disable the internet, plug-in and Wi-fi devices.7.

Do not use your phone or other portable devices while you’re away.8.

Do NOT share your network password with anyone.9.

Run any program that requires root access (such as root access)10.

Do make sure all of all your files are backed up to a safe place.11.

Disable or delete any unnecessary software.12.

Make backups of any important files.13.

If your virus scanner shows that your system is infected, run a virus clean up procedure to make the infection go away.

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