How to get $100,000 in free sports tickets for your next trip

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

You’ve got a new baby, your first job is due in the next few months, and you need a way to support your new baby.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “free” used in sports, and it’s no surprise.

There are a lot of freebies available to parents, especially for new parents, but the perks of paying for a ticket or two can be a lot more.

Here are 10 things you can do to get the most bang for your buck.1.

Don’t have to pay to go to the arena.

You’re free to go anywhere you want in the arena, but if you have a seat, you’re paying.

If you’re a parent of two or more children, you can split the cost of a ticket between the two of you, but we recommend keeping one child home to use as a playmate.2.

You can use this offer as a cash-back bonus.

If your ticket was purchased online or in store, the cash- back bonus will be $10 (or $10.50 if you bought it online) after you spend at least $100 in purchases within a 30-day period.

This offers a $1,000 cash-out cashback if you can use the money to pay for a trip.3.

You don’t have a choice but to pay if you want to use the concession stand.

If there’s a concession stand nearby, you should use it.

The cash-in-hand offer is $10 after you purchase a ticket at the concession stands.4.

You have a $500 tax credit.

There is no tax on the purchase of this offer, but you’ll have to show proof of income to get this benefit.5.

You qualify for a discount if you purchase tickets through your local sports retailer.

If the store doesn’t have the concession deal you’re interested in, you’ll still have to purchase tickets in person at the box office, which is $5 cheaper than using the discount.6.

You’ll get to play free games.

There’s nothing more fun than a good game of hockey or basketball, and if you get to take home some free tickets, you might as well get the best seats available.7.

You get to keep the tickets.

The deal is only available if you buy tickets from your local sporting retailer and you’ve paid for them through the online sales platform.8.

You save money.

Most sporting retailers don’t offer discounts on sports tickets.

You won’t pay a tax or a service charge for the tickets you’re given, but there are some sports-specific discounts.9.

You will probably not have to spend much time getting tickets.

Most sports tickets are $15, but some will set you back $50 or more.10.

You are in control.

You control where and when you go, but it’s up to you how much you want your kids to play.

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